Exploring Stirling in 3 Hours

It has been a hectic three weeks with exam preparations, conferences, and job interviews. University life is filled with daydreams and assignments – we all know that, but for an avid traveller like me, adventure is always close at heart. And before I knew it, I was already on the bus, miles away from Glasgow where I was supposed to be.

Stirling was lovely. The weather was kind, so to speak, because Scotland’s weather is almost always unpredictable – you could start the day with sunshine and ended it with a snowball fight.


Frankly, I was never a fan of castles or museums. Needless to say, I didn’t bother fishing out pounds from my pocket to explore the inner part of the castle and went straight to the Old Stirling Bridge and despite of the limited time left before I had to make another run to the bus station, I continued to walk all the way to Wallace Monument located atop the hill.


Sunset light was gorgeous on that day. It was just bright – and though it might sound odd, there was a little bit of sad nostalgia lingering in the air as I saw the city for one last time. Maybe I was just missing my hometown in Indonesia. One thing I know for sure – Highland is calling for me, and December will be plenty fun – with snow and frost and whatnot. So see you then!


Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station РStirling Bus Station: £12-15/return
DATE TAKEN: 6 November 2016
LOCATION: Stirling Castle, Stirling Old Bridge, Wallace Monument




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  1. For 3 hours, it seems well spent. Yeah seems to be a little selfie heavy…


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