A Dream in Kilchurn Castle

I had always wanted to visit Kilchurn Castle in Loch Awe.

It was supposed to be first on my many travel lists, because Scotland is a place of wonder, and if I don’t start exploring one spot soon enough, I would have to delay and delay until the time I have to inevitably leave. I don’t want to graduate with regrets of studying too much and not travelling enough (although I travel plenty in comparison to my classmates). Scotland is a dreamland – a land far beyond time, surrounded with fantasy and mystery – one of the many reasons why I moved away from Coventry to Glasgow.

I took a morning train, hoping that like my many other adventures, it would be sunny. But it wasn’t, and this was the best I could do without excessive editing on a misty Friday.


I walked along the road, admiring the mountains from afar and let the loneliness set in. It was probably the best mood I could get for writing, and crazy as I was, I started self reflecting and arguing with myself for about three hours as I walked back and forth from the train station to the castle. Travel, as we know, is a form of healing and a journey back to a more solidified self-identity.


Maybe the castle was once tall and proud. It sure looked like it did. The building was now in the process of renovation; not completely in ruins, but not welcoming towards the visitors, either.


This trip was more of a peaceful discovery than a boisterous travel, a self-reflection than a leisure, and a piece of mind I can’t wait to share with the rest of the world. Nothing differentiates this trip from any other, but here’s a suggestion to all the travellers looking for peace and discovery of self: your soul has always been beautiful and it was always there, and as quoted from my friend, “sometimes it was bruised and smeared by scars”, but what is a diamond if not polished roughly before. Travel does not help with finding what was never there, but rather rediscovering the wonder that has existed but ignored before.

So cheers until I plan my next trip, and hopefully I would then come up with more sensical things to say from all my travelling experiences. See you next post!

DATE: 09 December 2016
LOCATION: KILCHURN CASTLE, 35-40mins walk from LOCH AWE Train station



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