Paris in Perspective

You know me. I’ve never been a big-city-type of girl. I have always been more in-tune in nature, not so much on architectural sites like museums or castles. To be quite frank, I never thought I would visit Paris so soon, but alas, I was there during new year. And nothing hit me more about the city than the hard slap of coldness on a fine Sunday morning. I went down the plane, half struck by white winter wonderland as snow covered the surface of every single thing there. Paris was beautiful as they said – but unexpectedly cold.


Had to do readjustment on the light because the top of the Eiffel tower was covered by mist. I didn’t know how lucky (or unlucky I was) to visit during a cloudy day, but the wind gave no mercy. I had always had a bit of Acrophobia (fear of height), so when I stepped down the stairs from the top level to the first, I was shaking badly as the strong wind forcefully pushed me down the steps. “Don’t look down!” I told myself, “You’re brave enough to do this.” My one and only mission whenever I went out was to take good pictures, and I would NEVER let any fear of mine hindered me from doing so.


Jardin des Plantes, Notre Dame and Louvre all in a sequence. I didn’t get to go inside the museum and the cathedral because the queue was too long and I could feel my toes and hands numbed, but the scenery along the river made up for it. Paris shed off my skepticism about architectural city and heritage, because this city is a beauty to behold.


And last but not least, Sacré-Cœur atop the hill as the sun shone at last after five cloudy days. I was blessed. Would I go back to Paris? Maybe. Maybe not. I couldn’t tell, and while its reputation as the city of love has preceded its culture and heritage in the international level, I sure enjoyed the peaceful walk along the seine, lost myself in-between the beginning of a windy week, sometime in early January, gazing at a far distance the tower that stares back from a higher ground. Thank you, Paris.

WHEN: 1 – 6 January 2017
WHERE: Paris, France






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