My Little Paradise in Formentera

Everyone has their own definition of paradise. According to Wikipedia, it’s “a place of timeless harmony”. How befitting for this post. Some associate with paradise in a religious context, but we’re not about to discuss on religions, because that’s not what this post is about. It’s about my definition of paradise. PRQS

My definition of paradise starts with a place, before it changes to my family, my friends and a significant person. But after four days of wandering in this small island 45 minutes away from Ibiza, I get to know a little more about my own paradise. See, my paradise is simple. The nature, the sun, the honey-coloured skin, the smell of the salt, the sound of waves, and most of all, the view of your back figure leading me from a close distance. See how simple it is? It’s not even an essay to write about, it’s just the euphoria of the moment – one or two sentences would suffice. But the feeling it brought me? Limitless. To the horizon where we watched the sun set and beyond, to the top of the cliff when the wind blew and the waves resonated.



Ibiza without the nightlife isn’t Ibiza, or is it, really? If only we have a little more time to explore, it would have been better.


Formentera. The clear blue water. The perfect weather. The friendly people. The company. The walk, the talk, the laughter, the argument, where does it end -? Maybe it doesn’t have to end. Maybe it’s just another chapter to write. Who knows what will happen to the future? Who can tell me what’s going to come next? All I know is in those four days, it was paradise. And honestly, that was enough.

WHERE: Ibiza and Formentera
WHEN: 05-09 April 2017



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